The Benefits of Using Midwest Snow Tech

SIMA-Logo-for-SIteWe’re a member of SIMA (the Snow and Ice Management Association)
This provides a high level of professional standards and safety measures.

PrintOur snow operations are managed by a SIMA Certified Snow Professional (CSP)
This certification assures you that training, understanding and efficiency are at the core of how we manage your snow and ice needs.

24-724/7 phone accessibility is provided, anytime day or night, all season long
This provides you with the ability to manage your property needs quickly and easily so your priorities are always known and implemented.

contractWe establish standards and expectations, in writing, before the snow falls
This protects you from misunderstandings and any failure to get the work done in the way that you prefer. We want to know what you’re thinking.

safetyAll employees are trained to think safety first
This protects your property, your customers and associates, and your workload.

backupBack up crews and equipment are always on call for big snow events
We have the experience to know that being prepared is much less costly and far more satisfying to both you and ourselves.

mechanicVehicle and equipment mechanics are on call 24/7 all season
Being prepared also means we plan how to avoid delays and breakdowns so that there’s no impact on your property needs or your business.

saltWe maintain a large supply of salt and deicer to be ready for any event
This demonstrates our commitment to keeping your property safe and clear of potential problems. Every plow or shovel service is followed up with some kind of deicing to be sure that problems won’t develop later and risk damage or injury.

paymentSeveral different payment programs are available to fit your needs
We provide a consistent monthly plan, an event based billing set for your specific property or, when needed, hourly and task based pricing.

turfTurf disturbance caused by snow removal, if any, is repaired in the spring
When we finish the season, we want to leave you fully satisfied with our work.

incentivesWe provide price incentives for multiple accounts or multi-site companies
Consideration is given to the added opportunities that a customer with several locations represents and we work to give you good reason for allowing us to serve all your properties.

insuranceWe carry comprehensive insurance to protect you at all times
A good partnership requires that we always protect your interests and provide adequate coverage for every event that might happen. But we also work very hard to make sure that you never need it.

lawn-careOur landscape division, Midwest Service Tech, Inc. is also available
If you prefer to retain the same contractor on your property year round to perform all the exterior maintenance work, we’re equipped and ready to provide these services as well.

Can we handle your snow & ice management?

We service many different types of properties. The list includes hotels, 24 hour fitness centers, apartment complexes, retail shopping areas, as well as industrial, professional, and medical buildings.

Some are large multiple acre properties where we maintain snow equipment on site. Others are very small businesses that may have no more than 10 parking spaces. It doesn’t matter what size the property may be, we perform top level quality services for all our customers throughout the Chicagoland area.

We’re confident we can manage your snow also.

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