“Per Push” Snow Contract   This is for the manager that wants to see all of the costs itemized so every invoice is clearly understood. This contract provides a set price for each task performed during a snow or ice event. The price for each service provided is shown separately on the invoice. You are only invoiced when weather occurs that requires the removal of snow or ice. If we plow your lot or spread a deicing treatment, we invoice for that work. If nothing happens, we don’t provide any service and you don’t get an invoice.

“Seasonal” Snow Contract   This is for the manager that wants a budget number for the entire snow season rather than receive many charges for different services and many invoices for each event. We calculate the average seasonal cost for your property based on what happens in a typical snow season. This price is then divided by 4 or 5 months and you’re invoiced once a month for the predetermined total of the contract. Every snow or ice occurrence is fully addressed every time with all the necessary services. You rest easy that you’re covered without question for the entire season but only billed once a month.



Landscape Maintenance Service Contract   When you have an established landscape plan for your property, the biggest challenge is how to maintain it. This service provides the regular scheduled work to cut the lawn, trim the sidewalk, treat for weeds and clean up the trash that blows onto your property. We discuss how you want your property maintained and we provide those services that are needed.  We also agree on a monthly cost for that work and then only invoice you once a month.

Landscape Upgrade Services   Every spring, summer, or fall there’s some aspect of your landscape that you feel needs extra attention. You want the planting beds mulched or filled with stone to dress it up. You want borders around the beds to be replaced with newer or better materials. You realize that some of the bushes and trees are dying and you want them removed or replaced. And then there’s that fence that really needs to be restored or the signs that need to be rebuilt and reinstalled. For each of these we have the skills and experience to provide what you need. And we can respond very

Mulch Installation   A valuable part of a landscape plan is to fill the flower beds and tree beds with mulch or stone to give it the finished look. We Examine these beds and determine the amount of mulch or stone that’s needed and submit a proposal for the the installation. The work includes spraying a weed killing solution and then treating the beds with a weed inhibitor to keep the spot clear of weeds for the season. Then the bed fill is installed and leveled for an attractive finished appearance.

Asphalt Repair  Many parking lots don’t wear well during a rough winter and the asphalt starts to deteriorate, but only in spots around the lot. We come in and clear out the potholes or areas of significant wear and install fresh asphalt to smooth out the surface and improve the appearance of the parking lot. The asphalt is compacted after installation to smooth it out and make it level with the overall surface.

Tree Planting and Tree Trimming Service   Sometimes the maintenance is more challenging than cut the grass or rake the leaves. When the trees on your property fall victim to infestations or just don’t prosper like you’d hoped, we come to the rescue and remove them before they damage the rest. Often when this happens we also return with new trees and plant them to renew the landscape. Other times, we just come and prune the trees, give them some fertilizer, and treat them to give them a fresh boost.

Sealcoating and Line Striping  Each summer season many businesses want to provide fresh protection for their asphalt surfaces and improve the appearance of the property. We are fully equipped and experienced at cleaning the lot surface and installing a commercial grade sealcoat finish. We know how to work with commercial properties to get this done without obstructing customer or employee traffic in and out. When the property is finished we then install new striping to mark the parking spaces along with all traffic symbols and special markings such as handicapped spaces.

The Headaches and the Unique Needs We’ve found that many of our customers don’t just have the usual needs that are covered by long lists of contractors. They have those one of a kind issues that must be addressed and usually quickly. We welcome these opportunities to demonstrate what we mean by “partnering with you.” We investigate the problem and create a reasonably priced solution to make these issues go away. We’ve reinstalled signs, repaired fences, moved and installed parking blocks, and releveled the sewer hole that’s sunk into the pavement and become a dangerous place in the traffic flow.

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