Our Team


Daniel Risley,  Founder and President 

Dan is the creative developer that keeps us expanding and improving. Dan is always looking for other ways to partner with customers to make their job easier. Then he pursues the training and equipping needed to be sure we’re the best we can be.

Todd Williams, Director of Operations
Todd is the master implementer to ensure that our work is performed efficiently and effectively. Todd is the ultimate multi-tasking manager. He oversees every aspect of the day by day performance to be sure that all our customer’s expectations are fulfilled.

Gary Risley, Project Bid Coordinator
Gary has 40 years of experience in analyzing and bidding properties. He looks for all the unique attributes that need to be included in our bids. He assesses every aspect to be prepared to do the work. Then he searches for the most economical ways to do the work so that our prices are thorough, but still competitive.

Michael Sobczak, Fleet Maintenance

Mike is the master mechanic who’s constantly working on the fleet of equipment so we’re ready to act. In the winter storms, Mike is on the road throughout the storms fixing and maintaining the equipment so that we’re never stalled in our service.

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